III - Renunciation

from by BILE NOIRE



Hunting myself, running away
In a river of sorrow
I'm puking out your name
There's a crippled kid staring at
A fallen bird with a broken wing
"Please, lead me to the bank
A confused man is waiting to go away."

Heavy stones around my neck
Silent mess in the inside
Heavy stones around my neck
No matter what, i will fucking swim away.

We shall meet again
at the threshold of our desires
We shall meet again
by the edge of the forest
Where we've come to hide
Wrapping ourselves in darkness and cold.

There you made my body quake
Let our breath hide us away
Dub the night our royal confider
On a guiltless December night.


from GRIEVING., released April 22, 2016




BILE NOIRE Le Mans, France

Up and standing, with clenched fists and moist but wide open eyes.

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